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dearest yuletide author,

Thank you for offering to write for one of these fandoms! This is my third Yuletide and I'm pumped to read your fic. I really hope you have a good time writing it. This letter might be long but I wanna give ppl as much to work with as possible, bc I know how stressful Yuletide can be with a lack of info. I hope this letter will help you out a lot!

Obviously my ao3 is derogatory, where you can see the garbage I’ve written and the sorts of fics I bookmark. You can also find me on tumblr at cheeked. I have a public twitter over at mobchuu which is nsfw.

In case my fic history and trashy tumblr links aren’t enough of a clue, I’ll try and give you a quick breakdown regarding my overall tastes in fics. Then I’ll go into each series specifically with things about the series I like and any potential prompts if you need ideas. Thank you again for writing!

  • 5 things fics
  • found families
  • friends to lovers
  • enemies to lovers
  • loyaltykink
  • age difference
  • dubcon
  • pining/unrequited love
  • teams who love each other
  • teams who HATE each other

  • a/b/o
  • bodyswap
  • crossovers
  • "crack"
  • issuefic
  • genderswap
  • kidfic (characters get pregnant/adopt/find a child/wishbabies)
  • mpreg
  • AUs (unless otherwise stated)

( smut likes/dislikes are HERE. )
( crueltide likes/dislikes are HERE. )


(art source) iori rarely lets me spoil him, so getting to dote on someone feels pretty good!

requested characters: Nikaido Yamato, Izumi Mitsuki

  • ainana keisatsu au mitsuki/yamato
  • strangling practice mitsuki/yamato
  • mitsuki pining for yamato
  • yamato pining for mitsuki (and HATING it)
  • part 3 spoilers mitsuki/yamato
  • schoolage!yamato and yuki
  • five secrets mitsuki kept from iori
  • 90s anime hot spring episode

Out of the Idolish members, Mitsuki is my best boy. Mostly because the game makes him cry so much in the beginning and he sounds so sad and I am a human being with HEART so I love him. He's such a good big brother. He's such a good conversationalist. He wants to be an idol so bad, and he's so small!!! but so manly. Oh, so manly.

(art source ) a good strong boy

I originally wrote something here where I talked about what I liked about Yamato's personality, but it's pointless, I just like him and Mitsuki together. He's a grumpy old man and I want him to smooch mitsuki and be smooched. My favorite thing about Yamato is the entire Ainana Keisatsu exchange between him and Mitsuki detailed below. I AM THIRSTY AND I REFUSE TO BE MADE TO FEEL EMBARRASSED ABOUT THIS

While they interact lots and lots in the canon, the best exchanges are in the rabbitchats imo. A lot of them are translated HERE so check it out if you haven't/can't read Japanese. Below is the aforementioned rabbit chat from Yamato's Ainana Keisatsu card--

    Tomorrow they’ll film the fight scene between Mitsuki-san and you.
    I look forward to seeing the results of your training!

    It’s the scene where I strangle Mitsu, right.
    He told me he wanted to practice it tonight.

    You mean, practice fighting?

    Being strangled.
    He wants to know what it’s like to run out of breath.

    You wouldn’t normally know what asphyxiation feels like, after all…
    Please do it without causing any actual harm!

    Of course.
    He told me to “be gentle” so lightly that I was the one trembling.
    (translation source)

And then an excerpt from the immediate next rabbit chat, where Yamato is drunk and fussy—

    It’s Mitsu

    After we finished shooting that scene, he was totally avoiding me

    Totally avoiding..?
    I don’t think he was!

    I do feel that he was being awfully quiet, maybe because he was
    overwhelmed by witnessing Yamato-san’s acting up close…

    He was avoiding me.
    He was definitely avoiding me.

    I was


    doing my job

    I know!!
    It was an excellent performance!!

    It’s not like I was strangling him for fun

    Actually there's no way I’d strangle him
    (translation source)

And if you look up Mitsuki's Ainana Keisatsu card's rabbit chat for the same period…

    The fact that something so brutal, cold-blooded, and violent could
    come out of Yamato-san… It was so beyond incredible that it shocked me.

    Mitsuki: It felt like maybe there
    was a small part of him that wasn’t acting at all…

    Please don’t say that…
    Yamato-san actually thinks Mitsuki-san hates him now, so he’s
    drowning his sorrows in alcohol…

    What the hell lololol
    (translation source)

(art source) its outrageous how lil art there is of this

UMMMMMMMM I don't know what part of this I like the most; Mitsuki saying he wants to practice(??) choking. Yamato choking Mitsuki and it being a (very) weird and tender moment. Yamato getting DEMOLISHED at the idea Mitsuki might be upset with him. Yamato being TOO GOOD at acting like a villain. MITSUKI LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY AT YAMATO'S PAIN ITS ALL VERY GOOD!! the whole setting of the "choking practice" and Mitsuki being overwhelmed by the actual filming, maybe the two of them getting too excited over breathplay, or really just the two of them having an awkward, honest moment (that they promptly make fun of eachother for.) that's my jam dude.

I also (not so) secretly dig the actual Keisatsu AU show plot that has Yamato as the traitor police chief that's found out by brother partner cops Mitsuki and Iori- and he ends up choking Mitsuki out… I have no other real prefs abt any of the rest of the plot of this au, so if you wanted to write something about this and maybe they're smooching (or not smooching! just enemies!) I'd be cool with that too. It seems like a fun space to play in, but I don't have any details myself. I'm cool with crueltide for this AU and my Crueltide likes/dislikes are HERE.)

I've also listed the pairing as Mitsuki/Yamato but I don't really have any preference who tops/initiates, etc. I mean Mitsuki is the more manly one, but go with what works for you. If you just wanna write them banging my smut likes/dislikes are HERE. if you want to set the fic during part 3, I am caught up so feel free!!

The short story here is that Mitsuki is my best boy, I love his interactions with Yamato, so anything you guys can write about them, I'd be really really happy!!

+ if you got assigned me for ANY and aren't feeling the yamamitsu- I really like the concept of those early 90's animes where they all go to a hot springs and chaos ensues! Something from within the Keisatsu AU is fine too, although I'd like Yamato and Mitsuki to be more focused on in that one.

+if you got assigned to me for YAMATO and aren't feeling the yamamitsu- Him growing up is very interesting to me, or him and Yuki interacting, etc etc. I could be down with Yamato/Yuki too.

+if you got assigned to me for MITSUKI and aren't feeling the yamamitsu- I also really love the brocon relationship bt him and Iori, so anything you could do with that would also be adorable! I'm down w that pairing if you feel inclined or inspired to write incest. However I super don't ship Nagi/Mitsuki.

(art source) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

requested characters: Costis, Kamet

  • falling in love in their lil house by the sea
  • awkward cohabitation in their lil house by the sea
  • costis pining for kamet
  • kamet pining for costis (and HATING it)
  • costis makes stupid attolian romantic overtures that kamet doesn't understand
  • sickfic (we already saw it one way in canon, maybe this time with kamet)
  • awkward moments all around
  • gen plans costis and kamet's wedding

When we find out the Attolian is Costis I had to get up and walk around. Work off that excited energy!! I was so happy. Costis has long deserved an adventure of his own (tho lbr 99% of his life has been planned by Gen) and his road trip with Kamet was a wonderful adventure. I've always liked Costis (the attolian equivalent of a full body sigh, "I'm not even supposed to be here today.")

Kamet was such a fun character to read about too bc he's spent his whole life as someone's servant but there's nothing subservient about him? He has very strong Opinions and his own thoughts and hopes and dreams. And such sass. He can be such a brat. I love him too, I love them both so much.

(art source) no I will not pick just one

I very very very much would like them to smooch. I know some ppl didn't read them that way but to be honest that is INCORRECT. It's christmas goddamnit and if you CAN'T TELL THE TRUTH AT CHRISTMAS WHEN CAN YOU LET COSTIS HAVE A BOYFRIEND

I am also in love with the idea of some kind of cultural misunderstanding- like Costis buys a few goats and Kamet assumes its some "savage attolian marriage proposal practice." and Kamet's like slow horror at HE THINKS WE'RE IN LOVE?? leading to maybe we ARE in love? oh fuck i love costis and these goats and this stupid house!!! this is miserable. meanwhile Costis is like "huh i guess Kamet really likes goats, how provincial of him." And then it all builds to where Kamet assumes they are engaged and Costis has no idea and they orbit around this for weeks until like--

    COSTIS: I thought the milk could get us some money at market.
    KAMET: Yes, that would help pay for the wedding.
    COSTIS: Oh, who's getting married?

its like a slow burn fic except its just kamet getting INCREASING frustrated that this wedding planning is going so poorly bc costis has no idea they're engaged. and once they both know what's happening oh, no one tell gen. gen will plan the whole wedding. gen will make the whole thing about himself. (jokes on you nerds, gen already planned it- gen was the goat merchant)


lookit these anime as fuck covers. thanks japan

requested characters: Any

  • jos and evan and all the ways they do and don't get along
  • evan surviving and growing up on shiva
  • evan and ryan getting into trouble on macedon
  • evan pining for jos
  • jos pining for evan (and HATING it)
  • finch and yuri pining for each other
  • four times yuri needed finch and one time finch needed yuri
  • five secrets evan kept from jos
  • four things aki hates about evan and one thing she doesn't mind
  • four times evan almost kissed jos and one time he did
  • five people on macedon who have interacted with dexter


I looooove the Warchild series, as you might be able to tell from the number of fics I've written for this series over the years. The books are definitely sad, but they all seem to have a hopeful ending to them? Each of the main characters has just terrible shit hauled their way, but inevitably they're able to recover and rebuild themselves in unique ways? I was hesitant about Burndive because Ryan's problems seem pretty small compared to Yuri and Jos's, but the books do a good job of showing that suffering isn't equal and anybody who tries to think of their own suffering and recovery as superior to other characters is 100% in the wrong (coughJoscough). fjsdk not that I don't love Jos!! I love that he's awful. He's getting better. They're all getting better.

(art source) do yourself a favor and check out all her wcu art immediately

I'm happy for anything and anyone you wanna write about. But Evan is my forever fave. He's sorta the outlier of the survivor stories, bc his experience was closest to Yuri's- but he never bought into it. And that puts Evan more similar to Jos, but he's underestimated by lots of people like Ryan is and I just!! I love him so so much. He's a sad precious baby and he's cleaving a survival for himself when he was never even a pirate's favorite. WHOA THATS DARK. well so are the books haha.

I really like Evan and Jos's difficult relationship, because they're so intertwined. They both can be just awful to eachother, but I think both of them would fall apart without the other. So I like them being almost reluctant family.... or maybe kissing!! I greatly prefer Evan/Jos to Niko/Jos. Also it's clear Evan and Ryan get along well, so I'm down for something written about their friendship too. Yuri and Evan were both geisha at the same time, so how they interact now (or interacted then) is really interesting to me. Honestly, Evan and anybody on Macedon would be great.

I'm not gonna go from character to character because that's exhausting, and I love everyone. Even Estienne. I'm ambivalent about Niko and Cairo, but I have a little love for them too. But not Falcone. Fuck that guy.

Since I mentioned Falcone, the series also deals with some pretty rough topics, so if you're comfortable writing about them, I'm down for reading it. With that in mind, my Crueltide likes/dislikes are HERE. Or if you'd rather write all these babies being happy and finally At Peace, that's awesome too!!

(art source) your soul outweighs my own

For ships I like, I think my writing history in this fandom might be a good indication, but here is it laid flat- Jos/Evan, Yuri/Finch, Sid/Ryan, Yuri/Estienne, Ryan/Evan, Evan/Dorr (what?? shh) My smut likes/dislikes are HERE. I also STRONGLY dislike Niko/Jos, which is my only pairing DNW.

If you didn't know, Karin Lowachee has posted several vignettes from the series over the years (and will be compiling them into a book soon!) so I'll link them here for additional reading:

Vignette 1 - Evan and Cairo discuss Evan staying on Macedon
Vignette 2 - Ashrafi family dinner w/ teen Cairo throwing cutlery
Vignette 3 - Dorr when Falcone takes Jos from the cell
Vignette 4 - Niko thinking about Jos
Vignette 5 - Finch and Yuri immediately post Cagebird
Vignette 6 - Halloween short story

UPDATE SHE NOW HAS A PATREON AND IT'S PERFECT. I strongly encourage you to donate to it because she updates A LOT. Tiers start at $1 and there's a ton of different things you can get from pledging her-- so go pledge!!

Here's the cool cool shit you get when you pledge;

The first four chapters of Matroshka, an on-going story about Yuri's brother Jascha being commissioned by the black ops to contact Yuri
First 25+ pages of Warboy, the in-progress fourth book in the series and return to Jos's POV- runs concurrently with Matroshka
Deleted scenes from 1st draft of Cagebird
Vignette 1 – Dorr and Cairo's early relationship, how they became confidants
Vignette 2 – Aki's feelings on Jos and Evan, Jos gets a cold
Vignette 3 – How Song and Cairo met, fell in love

DOESN'T THAT SOUND GREAT?? go and pledge, she's got great tiers with the priciest being $20 which gets you ALL of the above. You know I'm all about that. Because of that, if you wanna write anything from the patreon (Jascha!!!!) I'm also all caught up there.

Finally, Warchild is a tragically small fandom, so even if we aren’t matched or you’re not in Yuletide and see this, hmu! I’m always on the lookout for more warbabies to befriend.

(art source) my place is with you

requested characters: Anton, Beppe

  • continuation/prequel of the kickstarter side story
  • converting from ash to working for the margrave
  • sparring
  • hair washing
  • smut
  • wound care
  • hurt/comfort
  • four times beppe protected anton and one time anton protected him
  • five other lives beppe and anton could have led

I was the only person to nom/offer this last year and I don't care if it happens again in 2017. the cheese stands alone.

much as I love Oswald and Wilfrid, Anton and Beppe are my faves. I liked them before the side story and seeing the really awful circumstances where they met solidified it. I'm also veeeeerrryy into loyaltykink, so go as much into that as you like. I know it's hard to build on characters that don't have a ton of backstory, so if you'd rather not dive into the past I'm totally fine with fic set in the present arc.

I feel badly I don't have more specific scenarios to suggest for this pairing, but because they're so little fic I only have loose ideas of things I'd like to see them doing. Hair washing has been a trope I've been into for a while and Anton's got lots to wash. Wound care if it's after the lashing, or sometimes in the past when Beppe (probably many times) took a few too many rounds to the face for Anton. I'm not usually into H/C but weirdly enough I'd be down for in with Anton/Beppe?? probably because Beppe pushes him away in canon when he got hurt so if you wanted to write the opposite, hurt/hurt, I'm down for that too /star eyes

You can write about other characters, but I love these two as a pairing so please don't break them up! If the Margrave wants to get involved in some kind of terrifying violent or sexy way uh that works too, I don't tell you how to live. With that in mind, my Crueltide likes/dislikes are HERE. If you just wanna write them banging my smut likes/dislikes are HERE. I'm very easy to please with these two seditious losers.

(art source) or as i like to call it: fushigi newgi

requested characters: Any

  • four times the new dragons were like the 1st gen and one time they were different
  • abi’s kidnapping and rescue
  • five times the other dragons got shin-ah to smile
  • five times jaeha made kija uncomfortable
  • five times yun was the one to save everyone
  • five things kija misses about home

So I missed this show when it was playing and it's SUCH A CRIME it didn't get a second season!!! right when it was getting started!!

I'm old enough now to have been coming of age with Fushigi Yuugi which lbr was peak fantasy shoujo romance in the 90s. Akatsuki no Yona on the surface hits a lot of similar notes w FY-- female protag, historical fantasy non-Japan setting, gathering a team of boys who love her, etc. But Akatsuki no Yona is soooo much better guys. Of course, it has 20+ years of fandom progression to improve some of FYs weaker points but it's suchh a STRONG series on its own. Strong, self-sufficient protag, a romance that's more unspoken and leads to you getting THIRSTY FOR HER AND HAK, as opposed to Miaka and Tamahome fatigue. atm it's not as sad as Fushigi Yuugi got but hey give it time.

here comes a special boy

I adore all the current dragons, tho Shin-ah and Kija are my favorites. Kija is such a fussy baby. I like that his feelings(?) for Yona are complicated, that the line between his duties as a dragon and man is really blurred. He's raised to do this one job and he's PSYCHED to do it, to the point of knowing what else is there for him. I'm so glad the ova showed us the plot w his dad bc it was REAL TRAGIC and in case you missed it, I like sad shit. And Shin-ah is such a good boy. THEYRE ALL SUCH GOOD BOYS and each of their backstories are familiar in a fantasy anime way, but with their own tragic spin. Yun as Team Mom is so precious and how the team genuinely tries to help him out w domestic shit (and fails miserably). These nerds care about each other so much.

I also am a fujoshi at heart so as much as I know and love the endgame pairing Hak/Yona, Soo-won/Hak breaks my heart in the worst way. They're gonna have to fight someday and i wanna puke blood bc nothing will make anybody happy and im ANXIOUS JUST IMAGINING IT. Anything addressing the shitshow that is Soo-Won's betrayal is great, or even the little threesome's happy time growing up before the awful fallout.

Initially when I nominated the series I asked for the first generation dragons, but I understand that’s probably the most challenging ask for this series? So I expanded it to any (bc uh I love everyone in this bar) but out of the first gen of dragons I liked Abi. Abi and his beautiful eyes and how he got SO SAD and SO MESSED WITH after King Hiryuu died. So if you're feeling ambitious I'd love to see something w them from what we got in Zeno's flashbacks, maybe Abi centric? Also Zeno says Kiji and Guen were similar so exploring the similarities and diffs between the generations would be great.

Shipfic, I'm pretty good with any of the common pairings-- hak/yona, jaeha/kija, past!soo-won/hak, etc etc. I'm not in love with yona/lili since I prefer them as best buds and it does break up the endgame. I've got no problem with pining and unrequited and also I love gen fics! Or even jokes! Yona's a series that’s great with jokes.

Okay those are all my demands! I'm sorry for me, my trash tastes and a potentially unhelpful letter. I adore you for offering to write for these series and I hope the process is as fun for you and it’ll be for me to read it! ty ty ty